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The Break-Up

Title: The Break-Up
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Bonnie, Caroline
Words: 586
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for 2.2 “Brave New World.”
Summary: Caroline’s never takes no for an answer.
A/N: A belated gift fic for streussal who asked for a Bonnie, Caroline friendship fic. Betaed by blackmamba_esq. Lingering mistakes are mine.

Caroline has never broken up with a boy in her life; the entire process is much too depressing. Which isn’t to say she’s technically the one being dumped (that would be even more depressing and also a little ridiculous), she’s just a subscriber to a subtle fade out method when it comes to these things. It’s more than fair really, guys were the originators of the duck and weave method of ending things, and she’s just honed it into a softer, more feminine version of subtle hints delivered through text messages. If push comes to shove, she’ll make them break up with her, which yes, looks pretty bad from the outside, but is just fine as long as she knows the difference.

This is why she realizes what Bonnie’s doing immediately; the first accidentally missed phone call is like a beacon, bright red and flashing across her eyes. Caroline’s been dumped before, but never by a girl. Girls retaliate, spill secrets, steal boyfriends, but they never dump each other, even if one of them kills a few guys here and there. Guys shouldn’t come between girls and Caroline plans to make this exact point when she says, “It was just a—.”

But Bonnie raises a hand, cuts her off with an angry chopping gesture. Caroline literally feels like her sentence was cut into pieces and wonders if this is some sort of spell her friend has used against her. It’s not fair if it is—if Caroline can’t show her fangs in public, then Bonnie sure as hell can’t use her witchy juju whenever she feels like it.

“Caroline,” Bonnie says, sounding a lot like her mother. “Any sentence involving the death of an innocent human being should never begin or end with it was just.”

Caroline bites her lip, reconsiders her approach, “Okay, bad choice of words.” She’s frustrated now. And hungry. The cravings always get worse when she has to think about things. Instinct is more her style—was her style. Now it’s something she’s forced to fight against every hour of the day.

“It was a mistake. A really bad one, but I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

This sounds genuine to Caroline, but Bonnie isn’t buying it. She briefly considers tears, before dismissing the idea; she’s not that desperate yet. Better save those for when things get really bad between them.

“Anyway, you can’t stay mad at me forever.” This is said with confidence that’s definitely not genuine. But her mother’s always said faking it’s better than nothing. “It’s against the rules.

“What rules?”

“The besties code. Or something. Look, you have to forgive me eventually because that’s what girlfriends do.”

Bonnie’s lips twist and tighten, which might mean she’s trying not to smile. Or that she’s holding back something mean, but Caroline’s into positive thinking lately.

“I’m late for class.” Bonnie sighs and picks up her purse. Caroline smiles brightly.

“Okay. Friend.” She emphasizes the last because she read somewhere that words have power and it’s the only kind she has right now besides biting people and biting Bonnie wouldn’t be the best idea at the moment.

(She rarely ever thinks it’s a good idea. Just two or three times tops. )

But Caroline can walk away knowing that while things didn’t go quite as well as she planned, they were much better than last week. And she’ll win eventually; Bonnie should just give it up already. No one plays the break-up game better than her. Or the anti—breakup game.

Or whatever.

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